All of us dream of financial freedom, freedom from compromises we need to make in everyday life. Success in business leads to financial freedom. Similarly for succeeding in MLM business you need loads of traffic on your website. More the traffic means more the leads. But how to generate leads which will eventually take us to the green pastures of financial freedom. The below lead generation ideas will help you to increase traffic for maximum lead generation.

Social media marketing has emerged as a very effective lead generation tool in recent times. Twitter, MySpace and above all Facebook have million and millions of people which you can target to sell your products. There are thousands of network marketers with lists of potential distributors to whom they further market your business to.

Another very effectual lead generation idea is marketing on YouTube. It’s free and it’s astonishingly effective. It’s very simple, just make a 5, 10 or maybe a 15 minute video about you and your product host it for free on YouTube and trust me you will be flooded with traffic and leads from all over the world.

Article marketing is another lead generation idea and if done properly can work wonders for you. Article can be submitted to a leading article submission website with a corresponding resource box which will lead the reader to your blog, website of video. Make sure your articles are loaded with wealth of information to capture the reader’s attention. Makes sure the keywords are carefully and strategically inserted in the articles.