Now of days, it’s just so hard to find decent whitening toothpaste. Sure, the pretty boxes say they’ll whiten our teeth “10 shades” overnight, but do they ever deliver? No, they don’t. And we’re stuck having to look for something else that might help us. True, the reality is toothpaste can only do so much, but we at least deserve to be told the truth. We also deserve quality ingredients and a low price.

No one likes stained teeth. You know how devastating coffee and wine can be on your teeth. And smokers out there, you’re in a world of trouble. Besides wasting hundreds of dollars on professional treatments, we have very few logical options. So we’re left with whitening toothpaste…

Picking out the proper whitening toothpaste can be tedious task. At first you’ll just grab the cheapest tube on the shelf, but you’ll soon find out that you’ve just blown $10 or more on useless toothpaste. Next, you may want to go with one of the big names, like Crest or Total. The problem here is that there are so many subtypes, containing vastly different ingredients, leaving you with a coin flip in regards to your personal needs.

Maybe you’ve tried those other teeth whitening products. The ones that claim to magically whiten your teeth via “laser” treatment, or mystical gel. These are just cheap gimmicks that will leave you high and dry. You’re better off sticking to whitening toothpaste.

But what type of toothpaste? Well, you need to do your research. By shopping smart you’ll not only save yourself a headache, but also support the brands that actually work. Trust me, once you find your niche in the toothpaste world, you’ll never fret again over trivial brands and gimmicks. You’ll be on your way to a brighter future!