The craft of branding is as wide as the longest spanning bridge, and yet, most people never even consider the importance branding a small business. Nevertheless, it is paramount to success. Sometimes it is the simple things which can make all the difference, let me explain – I’d like to use the untypical example of a truck wash for this case study if I might.

Okay so, what on earth could a truck stop do to ensure proper branding? Well, why not start using simple techniques? Why not introduce some branded products? Things like; Mud Flaps for truck or Caps and T-Shirts or even wind-breakers for the drivers? Coffee Mugs and Super Gulp Cups aren’t expensive, but you can sure get a lot of mileage out of those too (pun intended).

Using great advertising and marketing techniques and logoed products that you can give away, or sell for a very low price, will help with brand identity. You only really want to break even, unless you have a really strong brand, then you might find that your customers are willing to pay more, in which case, it then becomes an additional profit center.

Mud flaps are one excellent thing to sell at a truck wash because if someone has a broken mud flap they will get pulled over at the scales, as it is a safety item. If you put the mud flap on for free if they pay for it, you can also have your own advertising on the back, and therefore while the truck drives down the road, other truck drivers will see it, therefore it is continuously advertising wherever that truck goes.

Since truck drivers often live in their cabs, and sometimes go without showers while traveling across the country, they often wear caps to hide their messed up hair. If you sell logoed caps, every time they stop for fuel or go into to a truck stop, all the other truck drivers will see your logo and advertising. The same thing goes for t-shirts, and if you do sell t-shirts, you should sell them in various colors which might match the different trucks which come in. Many owner operators wish to wear the same colors which correspond with their trucks color scheme.

Most truck stops offer free coffee, or very low cost coffee, and therefore if you sell coffee mugs with your logos on them, people will see them while they’re in the break room at the truck stop, or getting fuel at the fuel islands. Also, there are a number of truck drivers, especially the younger generation who drink soda pop all day, and go into places like 711, or the truck stop to use the fountain drink, filling up their cup of 36, 48, or 72 ounce cups with special non-spill lid. If you have giant cups like this with your truck wash logo on it and the name of your city, you will get free advertising along the route. Please consider all this and go for it.