‘Men don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan’. This has been a commonplace advisory in many business management consultancy lectures and personal development forums. How do we fail to plan? This has been prevalent especially in both money management and business. Looking at this from the business perspective, planning before and after launching a startup business is one of the toughest yet important milestones.

There is the need to have a comprehensive plan as your guide to a successful business. A good business plan is equivalent to a good business even when in paper form. It means the plan will lead to successful implementation and subsequently bring forth profits. There are three key steps for proper planning for a business. Following these will help you achieve a successful business and possibly a lucrative business.

1.What are your targets? When you ask yourself this question, you will realize what want in the business. This translates to having a clear picture of what type of business you want. Is it a service or goods and products business?

2.What are the demographics? This helps you understand what will be the forces that will be applied on your new business. As such you will be able to insulate your business against these business hurricanes.

3.Why am I launching this business? This guide helps you follow the principal objective of your venture. Most of us find ourselves divulging into other practices since we hardly conformed to what we had initially planned to do leading to failures.