Choosing a financial advisor can be tough work, especially if you know nothing about finance. If you are struggling with your bills, it is likely that you are desperate for anyone who will lend a helping hand. However, it can be dangerous and brainless to automatically hire someone before you even do your research.

Before hiring a financial advisor, it is vital to talk to your friends and family about their own finances. Perhaps they are in a similar situation and can refer you to their favorite financial advisor. Many of your friends may actually have an advisor’s business card, therefore allowing you to look into them without having to call them directly.

Once you find a legit financial advisor, you may want to find out about their level of education and professionalism. If they do not have an extensive education or degree, then there may be a problem. You want someone who will use their knowledge to help with your financial planning, not someone who will get you into more deep water. Therefore, it is necessary to find someone who is well educated and very experienced. Perhaps asking for their resume and the amount of jobs they have had will ease your anxiety. Many financial advisors have been employed by a number of agencies and have done countless amounts of internships. If a financial advisor simply “tells” you of their experience, it may be untrue. Nevertheless, this is not a trouble-free process. Dealing with your debt and money is a very serious matter.

Prior to handing your finances over to an advisor, you must see their rates. Many financial planners charge by the hour or have an overall amount that you can pay by the month. However, sometimes there are hidden fees and charges. It is imperative to make sure they are not charging too much, as sometimes people get caught up in more debt just for trying to get help in the first place. Most legit financial companies have reasonable fees that are low enough for people to afford.

When people are dealing with their finances, word of mouth and plaques are what draw people to specific financial advisors. We all want someone who will save us from our bottomless pit of debt, and perhaps even let us save more money than we are spending. It is a glorious idea to think that there are people out there wanting to help with financial planning. However, it is very important to be skeptical. Without the list of degrees, experience, awards, and so forth, advisors are only talking themselves up. You need to see for yourself how legit they are. Without this proof, you may end up in worse trouble than you started.