Cint is one of the world’s leading companies within internet solutions for market research. Through the Cint Panel Exchange (CPX) companies that carry out market research can buy access to panel members from more than 40 countries. There are more than 5 million panel members in the CPX-system, and the number doubled over the last year.

Cint operates a hosted platform which allows companies to set up online communities of customers, consumers, businesses and specialist groups, for the purposes on online research. It provides an instant and cost efficient way to gather market information, giving the opportunity to make informed decisions.

SurveyGizmo is now being integrated into the Cint “survey-software”. “SurveyGizmo is an online survey tool for web-savvy companies. It’s designed to be ideal for marketers, researchers and educators looking for a feature rich and cost effective tool to build surveys, evaluations, polls, and quizzes online.”

Cint recently purchased the company Thumbspeak. The company describes itself as “the leading mobile opinion network in the world”. People using the Thumbspeak Mobile Application, answer quick questions on their iPhones (and soon to be other 3G phones) sent specifically to them by companies and collect terrific rewards. Thumbspeak, a tool that gets you into the mobile research community. Cint has ambitions to build the world’s largest panel for market research via mobile phones. “With you we can build the largest mobile panel in the world!” Considering the rapid growth of CPX, it is only a matter of time before this goal is a reality.

Panel members will be able to download an app to their mobile phones. Then, panelists can respond to surveys via their mobile phone and be rewarded via PayPal. PayPal is used because they are efficient systems, widely used and respected. It allows us to keep administration costs lower, and to pay our panelists quickly and easily. Members of the different panels get paid for their efforts – usually between 1 and 5 $US (0.40GBP up to 5GBP) per survey. The amount depends on the length of the survey. All surveys adhere to the European data protection act and ESOMARs International Code of Conduct for market and social research.

The CPX-system consists of Bizopinion, Looping Media,,, SpiderMetrix, Avanti, GNN Market Research, 51poll, OH! Panel, IBOPE, Nepa, SurveyShack, ah-feedback, Comboloan,, and many more. is one of the panel owners in the CPX-system that soon will start to use mobile phones and all our panelist members will be asked if they would like to use the mobile phone in market research.