Just as you have developed keen sensitivity in knowing what is legitimate and what is fraudulent with years spent in investing in ecommerce, we will try to answer today the classic question of whether or not the Forex Megadroid is a scam. Does it really deliver what it promises to thousands of sellers in the industry today? Has anyone have been known to make real money out of using it in live trading?

If you are still in search of a lucrative and remarkably functional foreign exchange market trading software and is on the verge of deciding whether to go or not to go with the Forex Megadroid robot then you probably have several unanswered questions in mind. It is a wise move to weigh all information you have before you go spending your hard earned money on something, after all there is nothing wrong with ensuring you are getting real worth for your money. I have developed the same sensitivity of checking out the validity of a software’s claims first before purchasing. Forex trading may have been a long time lucrative industry to many but I still do not take the lax way of taking in everything that is launched in the market, remember that the internet lurks with all imaginable scammers waiting for their next victim. One does need to be really cautious about knowing any recently launched software or tool.

To be frank and transparent, I was as skeptical as you are now when I first encountered the Forex Megadroid. Looking at its back testing result looked so surprisingly positive to me that I first thought it has been tampered. But looking at the back testing result that dates back to as far as eleven years, yes, since 1999, I was completely amazed about its consistent up trend, as regular as on a monthly basis! So I had to ask myself which all started a product research I have completed for the Forex Megadroid. Of course, if I am really serious about getting answers to my questions, I need to look into its creators first. I also need to know for myself the basic mechanisms that it uses in trading in order to understand how it works.

Albert Perrie and John Grace is a formidable tag team who created the Forex Megadroid mechanisms, they have been known to be professional traders with a boast of collectively forty years of trading experience tucked under their belts. They are also the inventors of the RCTPA or the Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. This is simply a trading analysis mechanism or forex trading software core engine that has been based on Artificial Intelligence. Have your questions answered and complete your own product research about it.