If you are working on website writing to attract new clients to your service business, you must be specific in your writing. It’s common to have the concern that being “too specific” in marketing writing might eliminate some potential business. Actually being too vague is much more likely to fail to attract. If your prospects cannot immediately recognize their own situation and needs in your website writing, they will not linger to learn more. Your marketing must connect with your target market in order to engage them in further exploration of your website. Let’s look at the kinds of information you must be specific about to sell your services on a website.

1. You must be specific about your target market.

You need to clearly delineate who your clients are and what their problems are. As soon as a site visitor lands on your site, the first thing they want to know is who you work with. They are asking the question, “Is this for me?” You must give enough information so that they get a thrill of recognition and think, “This looks like it is intended for me and has potential to solve my problem.” You need to do this in such a way that you grab their attention and hold it. In order to grab and hold, you must be specific. Don’t interpret this statement to mean that you are so specific that what you write would only apply to a very few people. The details must be specific, but the market can be fairly broad.

2. You must be specific about the benefits your clients get.

Web visitors want to know what they could get from working with you. You must give them this information in “real world” terms. What does it feel like to have those benefits? How can they expect their lives to change? You want them to feel this on a very visceral level (dictionary definition – “proceeding from instinct rather than intellect: a visceral reaction”). You want to evoke an intense and instinctual desire to have those benefits you provide.

3. You must be specific about a Call To Action – what you want prospects to do.

Let your visitors know what you want them to do. Do you want them to buy something, give you contact information, call you or email you? Gently guide them to take some action. If you don’t, your whole website writing project has failed. You’ve brought visitors to your site, but not encouraged them to invest any action.

4. You must be specific about how your background shows you can provide the promised benefits and services.

Don’t leave any “gaps” in your background information that would cause prospects to wonder how it is you’re qualified to deliver some aspect of your service. Illustrate all areas of expertise, training, and experience that demonstrate why you have what it takes to do what you say you do.

5. You must be specific about all details of your service(s).

Don’t expect prospects to call you if you are mysterious about what you do. Would you buy or call someone to inquire about their services if you can’t find out enough information in their website writing to feel some degree of safety? You must make sure that web visitors know all about your business and how your services work.

Understand that in order to get your target market to identify with your website writing enough to contact you and make inquiries, you must be specific. Vague website writing is not likely to attract the clients you need, nor will it bring you prospects who are ready to buy.