The term Ebusiness refers business carried out on the Internet. As information technology has experienced a boom in the last decade, business opportunities on the Internet have also increased. All businesses face tough competition, and businessmen try to gain an edge over their competitors by seeking new strategies and innovations.

A major advantage that an E-businessman has is competition can be done on a global scale without spending or investing too much time or money. The information technology revolution has made it possible for entrepreneurs to work and carry out their business activities from home.

New inventions and innovations are performing the job of a catalyst in this field. Software such as customer relationship management (CRM) that helps an organization or a company to serve their customers in a more efficient manner have become crucial to the survival of a business. The enterprise resource planning software is another example of software that helps in increasing and automating other functions such as logistics, manufacturing, distribution, planning, invoicing and accounting. The ERP software also handles other business activities such as marketing, human resources, and strategic management.

A major advantage that this software provides is it can process and handle enormous amounts of data in an efficient manner. Another advantage that software such as ERP offers is that they have considerably reduced production costs, inventory costs and transportation costs and increase the scope and range of any business that uses them.

Other inventions and innovations that have affected Ebusiness in a favorable manner are voice mails, e-mails, discussion forums, Emarketing, online transaction processing, electronic fund transfers and data conferencing. Among these, the most important functions are Emarketing and supply chain management. Supply chain management includes production and distribution planning, production scheduling, strategic network optimization, order promising and demand-planning and collaboration. Emarketing is another powerful marketing innovation that provides marketing solutions by using the Internet, email, ebooks, database and mobile phones.

These innovations have become indispensable to almost all Ebusinesses and will definitely improve business practices and ethics in the foreseeable future.