Electronic product development includes a highly developed theoretical and practical management of all features relevant to the design, development and manufacture of modern compound electronic systems and sub systems.

Electronic product development involves design methodologies and procedures that are established by making use of sophisticated industrial standard computer aided design software. The other electronic product development activities include thermal analysis, electromagnetic field plotting, advanced PCB design and simulation.

Companies offering courses on electronic product development also concentrate on how health and safety and other lawful issues focused on electronic based products can be integrated into the product development, along with guidance on all other matters related to electronic product development. These courses have been formulated for system designers, circuit designers, PCB designers, technical managers, technical sales and technologists in addition to mechanical and production engineers working in an electronic atmosphere. Most of these courses take place over the Internet. These courses are a great way to investigate business and management issues that are above all relevant to electronic product development, together with project management and lead-free execution. These companies also provide a wide variety of consulting services for producers of electronic products. They help at any stage of product development, from inception to installation, or act as a support team or can even deliver a finished product.

Electronic product development deals with matters of engineering design for simplicity of construction and test. It also includes compliance with relevant legislation and meeting end user expectations. Company designers dealing with electronic product development have to make sure that they comply with the EMC and LVD directions of the European Community if these electronic products are to be promoted in Europe. Electronic product development has to also concentrate on environmental issues, PCB design, product invention, product assembly, test plans and design for thermal issues.

Electronic product development on the whole includes activities such as product design intent certification, competitive comparisons, product viability study, product cost estimates, regulatory requirements, industrial design, models, and mock-up schematics.