In a previous article I listed the top twelve free ways to promote your website. If you consistently put these ideas into practice over an extended time period you are guaranteed to get many new website visitors. You will also get new customers and increased sales. Increasing sales and decreasing ad costs will explode your profits!

1. Open a free Twitter account and coordinate it with your blog postings.

Twitter is like a blog where the postings are limited to 140 characters. It is fun to send quick messages to your “followers.” It took the online world by storm this past year and now is considered necessary. The truth is with the younger crowd, if you can be visible on Twitter in your own marketplace, you can attract a lot of attention publicity and customers. You can use your postings, called Tweets, to promote your website and blog where you have all of your content. You can tie it in to your MySpace and Facebook pages (see below). Give it a try and see how much fun it is!

2. Open Facebook and MySpace accounts and invite to join your current and future customers.

You can get a lot of free publicity and develop relationships with customers on these massive social networking sites. Just set up an account and then start inviting people on your lists. Then post things on there in addition to our blog and Twitter.

Really successful online marketers and promoters use these vehicles all together as one interconnected whole. Twitter Tweets send people to Facebook, and Facebook is set up to refer people to your blog, etc. They all are necessary to reach the most people. It is worth your time to figure out how to do this and look out for future articles on these topics.

3. Whenever you make a blog post, write an article or issue a press release, post a free notice on social networking sites like Digg, Delicious, or StumbleUpon.

These so-called “social bookmarking” sites hold tremendous power when it comes to web publicity. They are like the most popular kids in the school If they like you, then you get a lot of attention. Mainly it’s the big search engines that pay attention. If your blog posts get on Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon, Google figures your content is high quality, relevant and popular, so it will rank very high. Get accounts at these three plus 15 to 20 other big ones and see how this improves your rankings in the search engines.

Remember search engine traffic is free traffic to your business, and may be more valuable to you than the traffic you pay for!