More and more people will file taxes online this year. Not only will tax filers use popular online software before the April 15th deadline but many will continue to utilize online services for extension deadlines like August 15th and October 15th. The benefit for electronic filing is receiving a confirmation that the IRS has received your return. Currently, about 95 million citizens file online. Because of lower priced computers and easy internet access, the digits will continue to grow. The advantages include; faster returns, less paper usage, quicker confirmations, accuracy assistance, and secure processing.

The Internal Revenue Service and software companies quickly saw an advantage to forming a strong relationship. Because of tax payer interest, a partnership called the Tax Freedom Project was created. The Tax Freedom Project allows free filing for those meeting certain criteria. These requirements are revised each season. Also, about twenty-one states offer free income tax filing. This allows you to file state taxes online, and actually free of charge.

Whether you file as an individual, a business, a corporation, a non-profit this convenience may be for you. Even tax professionals will utilize software and the internet come tax season. The web has become a great tool for all financial activity. For many already jumping on their pc daily, this is the next step. One place to begin research is Turbo Tax Online. Of course, will also provide up-to-date information.

Even if you are not a computer guru, do not be afraid to file taxes online. When completing an efile, you do transmit a lot of confidential information, the concern is understandable. The truth is, it is more secure than using the postal service. Do a little research and ask questions. Read the privacy policy of tax software you’re interested in; and, learn about the technology they use for filing. Most software companies offer a formal review before you submit your return. Look for one that has free customer service, is user friendly, and has a good value.