Are you desperate to find a talent within yourself that is marketable? If so, it may be because of the constant success stories from many individuals just like yourself. It is certainly inspiring to see those who have had no more of a leg up than you be wildly successful just from an idea. So where did they get those ideas? They may have had lifelong dreams, or they may have decided to try something out on a whim.

If you are looking for a niche to fit into, you may want to browse some of the classified ads. Doing so can help you to ruminate over the ideas that others have used. Whether a wood crafter who creates personalized address blocks, or a baker who provides custom cakes to the masses, you may just find the niche you could fit into by browsing advertising sites.

Some of the interesting niches in products and services you may find something in common with on free classified ads online are:

  • Jewelry and accessory creation
  • Custom art designs
  • Bath and Beauty products
  • Candles for sale and candle making kits for you to create and sell
  • Ceramic or pottery items
  • Crocheted items
  • Furniture
  • Glass works
  • Holiday creations
  • Music services
  • Paper Goods
  • Edibles
  • Plants
  • Toys
  • Vintage
  • Wedding items

There are so many more available ideas just waiting to be discovered by you. This just covers the basics of arts, crafts and cooking skills. There is still a whole world of opportunity beyond that if you have the overhead to afford the equipment required. Other ideas you may find on free classified ads online are:

  • Auto Sales
  • Real Estate Opportunities
  • Home Improvements
  • Sports Equipment and Businesses
  • Franchise Offers

And again, so many more. It is simply a matter of what hidden, or even obvious talents you harbor that are marketable skills.