Home based business is a growing trend among people who want to create and control their own income. Work at home trumps self limiting jobs every time. A job is defined by the employer. You are hired because you have the skill sets that match the scope of the tasks needed for the job. You will always be limited by what the employer needs to move his company forward. You can turn that around when you become the owner of your own home based business.

It does not matter how good you are at your job, you will never exceed the expectations of the employer. It is possible to be rewarded for exceptional work with a promotion and higher pay. The opportunities for advancement are limited and the competition can be fierce. No matter how high you climb the corporate ladder you will never reach the top. As long as you are working for someone else the business owner will always be the one at the top reaping the biggest rewards.

The business owner is focused on creating profit. When the profit margins are in jeopardy the focus will be on preserving the profit and not necessarily your job. Business owners have a vested interest in being a good boss or employer but make no mistake they are always watching their bottom line profits. That is what makes them successful.

An employee has virtually no control over their employment status. It is a generally accepted belief that if you are good at what you do you will always have a job. Employees also believe that if they do a great job they will be considered for promotions and better pay. Reality is not necessarily like that. Promotions can be few and far between and the best person does not always get a better job.

Economic downturns and recessions often fuel the home based business industry. When a recession hits, the corporate world gets turned upside down and inside out. As profits dwindle and consumer spending drops companies, large and small, may have to resort to cutting costs by downsizing or restructuring. For the employee this often means layoffs or at the very least fewer hours of work and subsequently a lower income. Necessity can be the motivation needed to consider work from home.

When the economy destabilizes, so does the myth of job security in almost every sector. When jobs are threatened, employees start to consider other options. Necessity can kindle a dormant entrepreneurial spirit and open a whole new realm of possibilities for home based business opportunity.