Insurance market research of reviewing an agent’s sales trends, and individual sales analysis of performance is a remarkable time and data evaluation to accomplish. Only an insurance list compiler with prior marketing and sales management can perform this market research. The resulting correct list of brokers is gold to an insurance marketing sales company.

Why List Brokers Cannot Help
The is a major difference between obtaining agent names from a list broker and an insurance broker list compiler. The list broker merely looks in his database from a master firm that has available what he thinks the client, the insurance marketing sales company needs. The data from the master firm may have been obtained from telephone directories, licensing records, or any combination of sources. This is still raw data. These are agents, they are not brokers familiar with, and interested in the product or service you are offering. No insurance market research, sales trends, or sales analysis has been done to validate the agents.

Why Insurance Email Names Blasters Cannot Help
I personally did a study or using the same compiler market research insurance email names blasters use to build a list of so call insurance email names. The tool needed is an email extractor program. The software program ranges from cheap to not very expensive, and once setup runs without human intervention. A well-know internet search term like insurance agent is selected, along with a major search engine like Google. The program goes to the first listing looking for each and every email address, without prejudice. This starts the database, which continues running 24/7 until at 300,000, 500,000 or whatever number, then the program is stopped.

My analysis in testing this method showed a 14.1% degree of matching. Each record was checked against the massive database to see if there was an agent connection. The 14.1% reflects matching, and does not mean the agent email names would be accurately delivered. In addition, with email blockers by their internet server company, few will be delivered, let alone read. It is a comment request by market inquirers to get the emails, thinking they themselves can send out the emails. Check the legal snags on opt-in email, and see what you find. In addition, a firm that sells insurance email names would never ever want you to see the terrible quality of the list.

Why Telemarketers Cannot Help
Telemarketers are excellent on the phone, but can only do the best with what they are provided with. Insurance marketers are often eager to find the cheapest or biggest unrefined list to provide the telemarketers with. Since so few of the prime brokers are hidden among the list, it is very time consuming and costly to reach the right ones. So the telemarketers have to fudge, making agent suspects look like prospective brokers to save their obligations. Also, realize the most professional insurance brokers use a cell phone exclusively for running their insurance operations. This means that the home phone could be on the do not call list and the business phone is always on the recorder. A telemarketing cannot help much in this increasingly common situation.

Insurance List Compilers Can Help
Recruiting brokers has never been a numbers game. Therefore spending your money unwisely should also not be a numbers game. This is where the services of a true insurance list compiler come in. Remember the cost of a quality, refined insurance broker name list is reasonable. It is far less that postage, printing, calling, and time wasted using any other method. However, a firm who call themselves an insurance broker list compiler must earn your business. They should have performed massive insurance market research before even recommending a list to you.

Ask to speak to the expert advisor if there is one. Then you can receive straightforward analysis on not only brokers, but also which brokers the sales analysis has shown to be best suited for your offering. You can ask for recommendations, but you may get a lot more than you bargained for. Advice, hints, tips, facts, figures, strategies, and more should all come free without obligation. An insurance list compiler should not immediately ask for your name, address, and a ton of questions so they can constantly pester you. A quality firm relies on repeat business, referrals, and internet recognition. Do not be surprised if they just ask for your first name, so if you call back they have notes to refer to.

Only an experienced insurance broker list compiler had done the insurance market research, including the broker’s sales trend and sale analysis of products sold. It is like adding a member to your staff, for the inexpensive cost of a rewarding refined broker list.