As giant corporations spin off their operations in favor of outsourcing, the unemployed lines get longer. In this millennium a young person with a working life of 50 years has almost no chance of staying with one company or climbing any career ladder. Smart ones are taking responsibility for their own futures by studying global markets online.

We live in an era where knowledge, not buildings and machinery, is the chief resource. Where better does your future prosperity lie than with an Online Career? Without putting less emphasis on choosing a solid company with a “gotta-have” product, in the end it really all boils down to money… how much can I earn and how fast can I get it? So, let’s talk money!

Networkers are throwing in the towel on “downlines”. The old promises of MLMs and their “life-long” residual incomes are hardly worth resuscitating. Even top recruiters suffer constant attrition. People jump ship faster than they can be replaced as the next “pre-launch” screams the values of “getting in on the ground floor”. As they disappear, so does any ‘residuals’ as a result of their membership.

But there’s new hope! Many network professionals have found the answer to tiny checks, leaking downlines, and the “buy more product” mentality of MLMs. Right now, today, it is putting tens-of-thousands of cash-money into the hands of participating members in weeks and months — not years!

Except for that rare one in a thousand programs, life-long residual income is all but dead. And just where would anyone find that one gem among the glitter of hype, greed and short-lived offers? Clue: look for ‘immediate-leveraged-income’!

Build your retirement in a business of your own, where real residual income streams are fact, not fiction. Study programs that the professionals join. They are not driving cars with “look younger, ask me how” bumper stickers. Realistically they are making $10,000+ a month; not in years, but in weeks. And not with hundreds of clients, but with a handful who have produced permanent multiple money-streams.

Yeah. Right! I hear you mutter. Immediate-leveraged-income is known as the TwoUp compensation plan. It’s found in “Top Tier” opportunities with a product retailing in the $1000-$1500 range and a pay-out of $1000 or better. It works quickly. It works profitably. And it works without end!

Top Tier opportunities qualify their prospects. The ex-white collar worker considers the investment it takes to set up his business as an investment in himself. They are not a tire-kicker, whiner or procrastinator. All of them are doers, shakers and leaders of tomorrow.

Furthermore, they prefer a one-time investment to get their business going, rather than the monthly output MLM programs charge for product, auto-ship, taxes and inventory. So let’s use hypothetical figures and see how the TwoUp compensation plan works resulting in these hefty profits.

John joins a TwoUp plan and spends less than $1500 to set up his business. As stated, this is a one-time outlay. He begins his training under a competent mentor agreeing upfront to give over his first two “training sales” to this mentor. His mentor has now earned a commission from John, and two more commissions from John’s first two sales. Nice going. Now John is in a “mentor” position.

Sally joins John’s team and she duplicates his set up. She begins training under John, agreeing upfront to give over her first two “training sales” to John. Once this is completed, she is on her own. John now has his first residual money stream that will not disappear even if Sally quits (but why would she?). As Sally’s two people train, it results in four more commissions for John. Soon those four will reap eight, and those eight, sixteen – and so on.

This compensation plan is like having a license to print money! The theme here is to work hard up front and begin several of these money streams so that you don’t have to do much later on as the money continues to flow uninterrupted.

As a mentor you must walk with the walkers and run with the runners. Some learn fast, others need more time. Top Tier opportunities attract top tier people and most can study a program, its product or service and set out on their own; particularly if they have been in marketing and/or sales. If your company has an auto-training process in place — you win again!

In life we get one chance. We can’t re-wind and start over. Choose carefully. Up the ante and live life with the top 5% while helping others to do the same. And get paid today. That money is worth more today than it ever will be in small pieces over many years.

© Esther Smith