Lead generation ideas for the struggling network marketer, MLM and direct sales marketer. Everyone that joins up to their new company with the over whelming feeling of their enthusiasm and excitement that they are going to start earning a top income online, suddenly comes crashing down when they hit the generating leads brick wall.

Most people that join a MLM company usually join up with someone which is teaching them the old school way of marketing, don’t get me wrong this way may well be working for them, that’s how MLM started after all, but now people are turning to the internet to help generate an incredible income and its working for all of the top earners.

My lead generation ideas are as follows, do not try to master every strategy out there as this simply will not work and you really need to only master 2 or 3 to get you started. Lots of people start out with Facebook as they most probably already have an account and know how to use it.

I’m going to let you in on a industry secret which generates tonnes of leads on a daily basis if utilised properly and by using 3 different methods but integrating them together, so here we go, here’s how I’m generating my leads and bringing people into my primary business.

I write an article by targeting a subject which has around 2000 to 3000 searches per month such as this article you are reading now, you can target any keyword in the world as long as it matches your niche but choose what we call a long tailed keyword, for example instead of writing an article just on lead generation which has too much competition your target keyword should be lead generation ideas which has less competition but still enough to generate 2 – 3 leads per day just from this one article, what we need to do is get as many articles out there as possible.

The lead generation idea I’m sharing with you now will get you in the top ten results of Google, this is where your leads come from. As the article is on your blog, it is your blog which will be showing on the first page of Google, to do this you need to get that article put it into an article directory submitter, spin the hell out of it and send it out to several hundred article directories, this will all be linked to your main article on your blog, this way it is generating hundreds of back links, the more back links directing to your site the more important Google views your site, this is what ranks you high in the search engines.