The idea of making money online is getting even more attractive. One of the first things many people hear about is called affiliate marketing.

Market research is the first step in the process.

Finding online markets in order to sell information products is the very first step in products creation, not the actual product creation itself. Looking at online search trends, rankings and sales of products, and similar statistical information allows the identification of potential markets that can be exploited. This is the most important starting point.

One can do this by finding out what potential customers are looking for. Ideally, one should try to identify at least 10-15 markets at the initial stage. Once potential markets have been identified, further research methods can be employed to determine the viability of entering such markets. Finding the actual words or phrases people type into search engines is very important for market research. This will be able to help websites and landing pages rank higher, generating a nonstop flood of organic, targeted traffic.

When researching a particular market, we want to be able to determine the following factors a) is the market large enough, in other words, are there enough people in that market b) are there any existing information products being sold to such a market c) are people actually buying in this niche d) what is the level of competition, if any.

The first thing you need to do is think about what market you would like to work in. Choosing a market related to your hobbies, skills, passions and experiences is an excellent starting point. If you wish to pursue an idea further, then it is very important that you understand who in this niche is buying and what they are building. It is important to find a market with existing demand that also has existing competition and products readily available.

By now, you should have a good understanding of who your market is and what they are looking for. Ideally you want to find a market that has multiple related products. The reason for this is that if there is only one product available for the niche, even if it sells like hotcakes, you will almost certainly have a hard time competing with existing affiliates who are established in the market.

Lets face it, you are not going to get rich on 2 dollars commissions. In order for your marketing efforts to be worthwhile, you need to promote high commission products.

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