I wrote a blog on Market Branding about a week ago called,”Branding and Marketing “You Inc.” Is A Must To Succeed!” and since then I’ve come to realize that branding “You Inc” goes beyond the internet marketing scope.

As a network marketer we want to be seen in the most positive light that our prospects could possibly see us in and that holds true even away from marketing our business.

With the economy in the tank, now more than ever branding and marketing your good name or “You Inc” has become a bigger priority than ever. Not only are employers offering positions based upon them becoming a bidding war, whoever will work the cheapest gets the position, but more and more, they are Goggling your name to see what kind of reputation and name you have with your piers and in your community.

Fortunately some social networks like Face Book are recognizing this and allowing you to lock up those pics of you dancing on the table with a lampshade on your head. Not the kind of pics that you want a potential employer to see. So marketing and branding a more responsible image of you is a must in order to succeed in the professional world or in the internet marketing world.

Social networking is a great way for branding and marketing “You Inc” by adding to the conversations, posting pics of yourself dressed appropriately and listing all your accomplishments in your profile.
Try writing on different blogs and showcase your expertise on any given subject. Consider joining professional forums such as LinkedIn and others like it, so that a snooping potential employer can see your more serious professional side.

While establishing your brand be consistent and professional using consistent language, style, photos and profile information. Always have the idea that someone is looking and occasionally Google your own name to see what comes up. This will give you a perspective of what a potential employer or a prospect might see when they Google your name.