According to Indian IT analysts and leading SURVEY agencies, IT outsourcing in India is one of the most fast growing sector of the International market. The expert analysts from Gartner estimate that the profits of outsourcing to India in 2008 are much larger than any other outsourcing countries in the world.

On the global IT outsourcing marketplace, Indian software product development and engineering sectors have a number of advantages that surpass competitor from any other country in the world:

o The manpower of higher experience with excellent learning techniques that bring not only knowledge to develop high tech solutions at lower cost, but also teach creativeness, flexible thinking, and the capability to develop a multi-variant model of software product development.

o Expert technical training based on Indian educational traditions giving a right combination of techniques and theoretical basis, which permits the development of clusters of advanced software products.

o Customer oriented approach-a capability that found only in Indian Software programmers who accept complicated and individual task. Most of the Indian companies usually have limited employees and prefer handling a great number of enormous orders, which allows them to fully acclimatize to each client, work thoroughly to meet their needs

o Best price/quality combination. Indian software offshore outsourcing companies were among the first in Asia to get the CMM/CMMI Level 5 certification to establish the quality of their software services in comparison to any other countries. However, Indian IT programmers provide usually better services. Due to the geographical proximity to USA and European culture, Indian software offshore outsourcing companies can give a best possible price/excellence in work.