Effective product research is a make or break skill for many online marketers.

You want to have a product that is hot or as some say, has hungry buyers in the market place.

If you find a product that is not hot, do not expect to make any kind of money with it.

To keep you focused and quickly able to sort out good product ideas from bad product ideas, you need to find out what people looking to buy and a couple of good free online resources are noted below that can help you with that task. These make a good start in your product research efforts.

Google Keyword Tool

Keyword searching is a good way to followup on what people are searching for. Keywords are compiled by Google form the word(s) that are typed into the search box.

Google’s keyword tool will show you the number of monthly enquiries for your product idea over previous months and thereby can also help you gauge the level and direction that such interest is moving in.

Another useful opportunity that this tool provides, is that it can suggested some alternative keywords that people are also searching on for your product idea. The importance of this is that it can help you decide on a specific angle or aspect of your product idea that may be appealing to perspective online searchers and help you tailor your offering to them.

eBay Pulse tool

This is a great place to find out what the hot products are because if a person is typing it into eBay, they are typing it into Google and Amazon. eBay Pulse gives you a real-time look at what people are looking to buy.

You can log into eBay and do a search on the completed items. It will tell you what people are selling, how many have sold and the average price. Look for items with bids, and this is a great way to get an idea of what people are looking for.


eBay Pulse toolhttp://pulse.eBay.com

So next time you have a great idea, you can give it a quick check with the above tools to check its potential. It will quickly help you determine if profits are possible before you waste too much time and energy promoting a dead end product.

If it does seem a viable product with good potential, then a whole lot more researching will need to be done to help define your products target market and offering.