You may have just completed your web site. Spent a lot of money
on a graphic designer who has helped create your web
layout. You may have invested a lot of time and money
creating your ebook and your back end autoresponder
messages. Everything may look great, but you have only won
ten percent of the battle. The real battle is web site
promotion. There are billions of web pages on the internet
and most of them receive very little traffic. The real
challenge of internet marketing is to drive significant
traffic to your web site. Once you master this skill with
some of the other basic internet marketing skills you will
literally be able to write your own pay check.

If you have a content site site it is very important to set
it up and make it search engine friendly. One of the main
things that you need to do is get lots of links from
related sites. This could be directories or link partners
where your partner has a product that complements your
product in your niche market. You need to also do keyword
research and focus on long tail keywords that have
virtually no competition. Optimize your web pages for these
keywords. This tactic alone tripled my traffic on one web
site. You need to also realise that this is a long term
strategy. It is going to take at least six to twelve months
to get this right. However, once you get this right you
could be driving thousands of visitors a day to your web

While you setting up your long term strategies which will
drive traffic to your web site I suggest you also invest in
paid advertising like ppc and ezine advertising which will
generate immediate traffic to your web site. You can also
setup joint ventures with partners and generate additional
traffic by emailing the email list of your partner with
your offer.

Web site promotion can be a lot of fun if you know how.
However, probably only the top ten percent of people who
market online master this skill. The gurus generate
significant amounts of traffic to their web site and
earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.