One of the most sought out skills by anyone who has an online business is the skill of building targeted traffic to their website. A web site traffic promotion is such an important factor to online marketers because it is the lifeblood of their business. The problem today is that most marketers have no idea of how to develop a web site traffic promotion plan that will suck in an unstoppable stream of traffic to their website. Therefore, in this article, I will outline some basic tips for setting up a successful web site traffic promotion.

Method #1 – Get Recurring Traffic Into Your Web Site Traffic Promotion System

If you want to set up a powerful web site traffic promotion for your online business, then you need to start building what is called recurring, or residual traffic to your website. Residual traffic is traffic that not only continues to come to your website each and every month, but grows each and every month as well. In other words, you should never have the same amount of traffic that you had last month. In this type of web site traffic promotion, the traffic the following month should be much more than the previous month. The most common way of getting residual traffic today is by building a targeted email list of loyal subscribers. When you turn your website visitors into actual subscribers, you can send a load of repeat, residual visitors to any website you choose.

Method #2 – Integrated Marketing Is The Key To Endless Web Site Traffic promotion

One powerful web site traffic promotion strategy that can send an unlimited amount of web traffic to your website is known as integrated marketing. Another name for this type of marketing is called combined marketing. The strategy involves integrating, synergizing, and leveraging the traffic potential of different websites within your niche so that the unit as a whole can funnel endless amounts of traffic to the websites involved. One way this method is done is through thank you page ad swaps where each website that is involved in this traffic partnership places the other websites ads on their thank you page.

Right now, it is very possible to even do exit popover ad swaps where you can share and exchange traffic via a site that agrees to promote your exit popover on his or her site. Whenever a visitor begins to leave the other website’s page, the visitor will be shown your exit popover ad. If you can get hundreds of marketers involved in this type of web site traffic promotion, then the traffic to your website will be enormous.